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The Sisters and Their Work \

The Sisters

In 1930 a group of Our Lady of Victory Mis- sionary Sisters came to help in the parish of St. Sebastian in Santa Paula and other neighboring places. They lived in a small house standing alone in a walnut orchard that burst with bloom in spring and dropped a bounteous harvest in autumn. The convent’s first residents were Mother Cath- erine and Sister Theodora. Their order was founded by Rev. J. J. Sigstein in Huntington, Indiana, in 1922. Mother Catherine had been the first Superior General. Within a week of the arrival of Mother Catherine and Sister Theodora, they were joined by Sister Rafaela and Sister Mary Ann. The Sisters found much to do in their fields of social welfare, religious instruction, moral training of Catholic youth attend- ing public schools and doing good works in the parish. In addition, the Sisters’ chosen work took them from door to door, tabulating parish census; they visited as well the lemon camps and conducted the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes. In view of the growing populace of these last years, there was a pressing need for a community of Sisters who could consecrate themselves exclusively to our parish. Hence, under the administration of Rev. Antonio Gonzalez, the Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic came. A house which is a parish property and across the street from the parish hall was remodelled to suit a religious community. By October, 1965, the convent was ready to wel- come its first occupants. Parishioners helped in re- modelling the snug cottage. They also donated furniture, linen, and all sorts of household utensils. In the rear patio, there is a typical Oriental gar- den, at the canter of which is a miniature mountain Whose flowing cascade drops into a fishpond just below. The water is spanned by an artistic Japanese bridge.
 Sister Maria Rosario Arellano, O.P., and
Mother Superior Maria Rosalina Mirabueno, O.P.,
arrived on October 28th, from the Congregation of Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic in Manila, Philippines. This Congregation had been incorporated in the Third Order of St. Dominic by the Most Reverend Master General of the Dominican Order on June 24, 1934. In addition to the sanctification of its mem- bers, this Congregation has for its main objective service in orphanages, hospitals, dispensaries, asylums and other missionary fields. Furthermore, it is dedicated to the education of the young in day schools, boarding schools, colleges, and other related educational institutions. To help the “two solitude” Community, Sister Maria Evelina Enerva was assigned and joined in the task of teaching Parochial Catechism, preparing children for their first Communion and for Confirma- tion. She also took part in the other duties: visiting the sick, offering family counseling and guidance, establishing clubs and classes by way of guiding the young members of the parish, working with the choir, tending the altar, caring for the sacristy, and holding adult classes in English in the evening. The convent was recently visited by the Most Reverend John J. Ward, appointed Titular Bishop of Bria and Auxiliary Bishop of the Los Angeles Diocese, and by the Most Reverend Mother General Maria Gloria Diez, O.P., who noted the extent of the service to be rendered in Santa Paula, and promised to send a fourth Sister to aid in the work.





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